Meet Neil

I’m Neil Robinson Kumar. I’ve been a proud Arkansan my whole life. I have 400 years of American ancestry in my veins—America has been my family’s home since the seventeenth century. As a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, my forebears have served in nearly every conflict in our nation’s history, beginning with the Revolutionary War. Self-determination is in Arkansas’s—and my family’s—lifeblood. My dad started his own small business here in Northwest Arkansas.

During my time at the University of Chicago, I witnessed first-hand how Leftism had destroyed that city. After returning to Northwest Arkansas, I was horrified to see that same Leftism taking root in the Ozarks that I love so dearly. For decades, the people of Arkansas have had their State sold right out from under them.  Our so-called representatives have sold us out at every turn. It’s time to take action. I’m asking you to fight with me. I will represent Arkansans—and ONLY Arkansans—no matter the cost.

I will FIGHT for our State.

The Ruling Class in D.C. and Arkansas are either asleep at the switch or actively working to betray us. Either way, they’ve got to go.

It’s time for patriots to take back our birthright. Join me. Let’s FIGHT for Arkansas.