Neil for Arkansas 2022 Platform

Stop the Great Replacement.

Americans are waking up to the fact that they’re being replaced by cheap labor from Latin America, Asia, and India. This must stop. America for Americans.

  • 20-year moratorium on all immigration, with an exception for South African refugees dispossessed of their land.
  • Build the Wall.
  • Deny all public services to illegal aliens and deport every single illegal.
  • End “birthright citizenship.”

Defend the Second Amendment.

The Federal government is going to take our guns. It’s only a matter of time. State Sovereignty includes criminalizing, charging, and prosecuting any federal agent who would seek to deprive any Arkansan of their God-given right to bear arms. 

  • State Sovereignty
  • Municipal Preemption
  • Federal Firearms Protection
  • National Constitutional Carry
  • Law Abiding gun owners need NEVER ask permission. 

Fight to Protect Life.

The Anti-American forces destroying our nation debase the value of precious, unborn life. Countless millions of babies have been sacrificed on the altar of convenience. The high costs of this sin are unfathomable. We must end the extermination of innocent life at once, and at all costs.  

  • Criminalize infanticide, or, as those who wish to sanitize the slaughter of the unborn like to call it, “abortion.”
  • Strip medical licensure of physicians who perform abortions and indict them for murder. 
  • Charge and try any politician who voted to use taxpayer funds for abortion as an accessory to murder. 
  • Charge and try any corporation who donated to Planned Parenthood or any other baby murder provider as an accessory to murder. 
  • Criminalize the handling of baby body parts as abuse of a corpse.

End the War on the Working Class.

As the Rust Belt has seen, there’s a war against good-paying jobs for traditional Americans. The war on America is moving to the South.      

  • Restore freedom of association by repealing the Civil Rights Act and other “civil rights,” “discrimination,” “hate,” and affirmative action legislation.
  • Ban “critical race theory” propaganda in the government.
  • Declare Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations & charge, try, and sentence their leaders.
  • Free all of the innocent patriots such as Kyle Rittenhouse and January 6th Trump supporters who have been railroaded by anti-American prosecutors.

Make the Family Great Again.

Democrats have used public schools to destroy our families by removing children from the home, driving down wages, and separating families by forcing the two-working parent model. This must be reversed.

  • Provide progressive childbirth bounties and universal basic income to whole families where the mother stays home to raise her children.
  • Eliminate no-fault divorce and overhaul the anti-family “family court” system.
  • Forgive student debt—but make the universities eat the cost.

Tax university endowments on a basis conditioned upon the career success of their graduates.

End the Opioid Plague.

From 1999 to 2020, over 850,000 Americans were murdered by Big Pharma and globalist oligarchs who destroyed the American middle class. Putting America First means putting American WORKERS and LIVES first.

  • Reverse from our current trend towards drug decriminalization. Criminals need to do time in prison and rehab rather than walking freely on our streets.
  • Work with Christian organizations and invest in preventive action to target the sources of addiction, not just the consequences.

Build a national monument to the hundreds of thousands of souls lost to drug addiction.

Fight LGBTQ Perversion.

Family is the most critical building block to civil society. To defile marriage is to destroy the family. America must flat-out reject the perversion of family life by the hateful, anti-Christian homosexual lobby.

  • Marriage is solely between men and women.
  • Restrict adoption to heterosexual married couples.
  • Criminalize the dissemination of LGBT propaganda among minors.
  • Criminalize transgender pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures.

Secure Our Elections.

The November 2020 “election” of Joe Biden will go down in history as totally illegitimate, and will either be the turning point for the saving of our republic or the beginning of its demise. Elections must be secure and trustworthy for the Rule of Law to have even a prayer.  

  • Investigate, charge, and punish every entity involved in the brazen theft of the 2020 election.
  • End all absentee and electronic voting. In-person paper ballots only.
  • Mandate national voter ID.

America First.

Right now, American treasure works to enrich globalist oligarchs, who put the interests of cheap low-skilled labor—and every other profit-motive under the sun—ahead of the interests of American citizens. American wealth should work for American citizens. 

  • Bring every single one of our soldiers back home.
  • End all foreign aid.
  • Repudiate all Chinese debt. China owes us, not the other way.
  • Rebuild the American manufacturing base. Impose tariffs on China. Penalize all businesses that offshore and outsource American jobs.

Preserve Our Heritage.

Our history is under attack. Violent communists have begun their open revolution against America. If we let them erase our history, they will control our future. Our heritage must be defended at all costs.

  • Protect American and Confederate flags, graves, and monuments.
  • Remove anti-American and anti-Southern materials from public lands and monuments.
  • Defund the anti-American education system. Deny federal funding to enemy institutions that teach anti-American values and tax their endowments.